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Full Size Deep Aluminum Steam Pan - 50 per case

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Full Size Deep Aluminum Steam Pan - 50 per case

Item#: 2019HFA


Take in the aroma of your dishes and just watch the line to your catering service increase in number. With these full size deep aluminum steam pans you can guarantee you’ll never waste an ounce of food again! This item is packed 50 per case.


From the kitchen to your catering table, use this steam pan to cook, store, and serve your delicious servings. Easily transportable, move these full size steam pans from table to table on the go with our matching lids with indentions that are tailored for easy stacking and storage. With aluminum’s naturally occurring layer that heats up faster and can reach higher temperatures, from the oven to your reception table this pan will never warp or crinkle, as it can withstand any temperature. Sealed with an exterior coating of aluminum, and strong ribbed siding, these aluminum steam pans create a dense, nonstick material that prevents messing serving slices, wasted food, all while reducing your cutting and serve time in half!

Manufacturer: Handi-Foil of America

Color: Aluminum