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Heat It 4 1/2 Hour Safe Fuel Can - 1 per case

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Heat It 4 1/2 Hour Safe Fuel Can - 1 per case

Item#: H0518


H0518, Reignite the flame and find the key to effortless heating that outdoes every other brand. Heat up that old flame guaranteed to last longer with this chafing fuel can from Candle Lamp! With features including a burner that lasts for 4 ½ hours, a patented PowerPad providing the hottest flame with every light, a twist cap for easy resealing and storage, a no burning smell that eliminates the threat of contaminated smoke flavored foods, this Heat It® fuel can is the safer, hotter, and faster solution to increasing sales and preventing improper usage that other cans cause!


These chafing fuel cans provide optimal spark that increase the taste of your food keeping your food warmer longer. Styled with an easy reclose mechanism and an additional corrosion-resistant made can, engineered with technology and design, these catering fuel cans offers exceptional premium fuel preventing fire hazards with a seal eliminating rust, perfect to warm your every dish!

Manufacturer: Candle Lamp Company LLC.