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3 1/2" x 2" x 24" Kraft Windowed Bread Bag - 1000 per case

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3 1/2" x 2" x 24" Kraft Windowed Bread Bag - 1000 per case

Item#: 523NPX


523NPX, Keep up with your bread baking - with this Kraft windowed bag your demand is sure to grow! Everyone knows that marketing, and natural word of mouth rule is what attracts sales in the food industry, but imagine if you could drive impulse buys with just a turn of the head? With these innovative and shielding bread bags with a complementary window, it’s all possible!


Business Benefits – It’s all in the Bag


  • Outer protective layer prevents moisture and air from introducing on your bread!

  • Fresh out the oven – we give your breads extra room to rise – You know wiggle room is important for the most delicate breads.

  • Design is dedicated to protecting breads – customers will enjoy and notice no more crushed goods.

  • 100% natural kraft paper is echo-friendly with zero chemicals that won’t. 

  • Perfect for the car ride home from your bakery or deli, this bag’s kraft paper doesn’t cling to dust or bacteria on car seats!

  • 1000 per case

Manufacturer: Zenith Specialty Bag Co.

Color: Brown