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Kraft Brown Paper Grocery Bag 8.25" x 5.25" - 500 per case

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Kraft Brown Paper Grocery Bag 8.25" x 5.25" - 500 per case

Item#: 20SOB


20SOB, Attract customers to eye your shelves of candy, drinks, newspapers, travel items, and more with our technology engineered bags that stretch like spandex - yet never breaking or tearing so customers can fit more food per bag! Invest in your necessities that help turn more profits – these bags drive and maintain customers!


It’s All in the Bag:


  • Kraft paper is texturized – a material that clings the easiest to print labels.

  • Grocery bags stand up alone while opened – give a panorama view of your bag (and logo) at all times and angles!

  • Doubled threaded bag is hand-made – for extra strength, guaranteeing no tears, and ripping!

  • Thick, engineered platform holds up so customers’ bags won’t break from the bottom! (The most common industry tear spot)

  • Interior liner soaks up leaks or spills from foods! Protective against yogurts, milk, soda, or even shampoos and hair products!

  • The dimensions of this bag are 8.25" x 5.25" x 16".

  • This item comes packed 500 per case.

Manufacturer: S&G Packaging Co., LLC

Color: Brown