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Dart Honey Medium Weight PolyPro Plastic Fork - 1000 per case

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Dart Honey Medium Weight PolyPro Plastic Fork - 1000 per case

Item#: F6BH


These honey plastic forks from the style setter’s collection gives you a multi-functional fork while saving your business money to make serving your guests easy. With ribbed tines it guarantees your forks brilliant strength which ultimately enhances the ease of customer’s eating expiring when piercing through savory, well cooked meat to solid rich desserts. A reinforced neck gives you added strength which prevents breakage, customer criticism, and helps your event run flawlessly. Made of unbreakable polypropylene to ensure confidence in use, these forks are bend resistant and able to withstand high temperatures. With a high heat resistant capability, they can be used for hot, steaming foods that just got out of the oven, to naturally colder foods like salads, fruit combinations, or other chilled dishes. With an additional grease-free, and luxury honey hued finish, these medium weighted disposable forks can make clean up effortless, increase customer approval, and help you easily revamp your eatery all within one purchase!

Manufacturer: Dart Container Corporation

Color: White