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Mozaik Impressions Silver Plastic Fork - 600 per case

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Mozaik Impressions Silver Plastic Fork - 600 per case

Item#: CMF600


Featuring a fluted design and a faux-metal finish, these Mozaik Impression Silver Plastic Forks from the First Impressions line at Sabert offers premium silver looking cutlery that mocks fine china, and provides exceptional quality. Its full size reflects real flatware while a modern, contemporary design creates a high-end look instantly for less. Designed as a premium look alike china, these silver plastic forks add perceived value to your gala, event, or everyday restaurant needs! While these are disposable, each customer can enjoy their dish with their own fork knowing they can walk around with it, increasing your food’s visibility and encouraging impulse sales.  Purchase these Mozaik Impression forks and let your customers enjoy no rental costs, sanitary display stations, and the ease of no labor cleanup!

Manufacturer: Sabert Corporation

Color: Silver