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Heavy Weight PolySty Champagne Plastic Knife - 1000 per case

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Heavy Weight PolySty Champagne Plastic Knife - 1000 per case

Item#: AHKCH


Introduce these multi-usage plastic knives with a beautiful champagne tinge into your venue. With great affordability, these knives will increase customer satisfaction and your bank account! Made of our strong polypropylene plastic, these sturdy knifes will never give way and bend, break, or crack when cutting into food, so your customers can continue to enjoy their dish throughout the entire time with zero frustration! As a party planner or business owner you know every detail counts – and with this knife every possible problem is prevented! With extended sharp edges along the side of the knife, this gives customers ample accuracy in cutting larger or layered food servings, while sharped ridges make doing so easy, increasing precision with every slice. These champagne knives gleam in sunlight, as a glossy finish creates a stunning visual, especially when placed outdoors or under bright lighting. Whether for your restaurant, bar, concession stand, gala, or to add revamp your take out utensils, these knifes will make every cut finer with ease.

Manufacturer: Carefree

Color: Champagne