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10" Black Plastic Serving Tong - 36 per case

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10" Black Plastic Serving Tong - 36 per case

Item#: UBK36T


Transform your eatery today - with an extended length your hands are safely away from the heat while cooking. These black plastic tongs are compatible with boiling water so they easily stir and clamp hot foods from the pan to your plate. With high temperature abilities, your staff will never feel the burn as these tongs won’t get hot!




  • Q Grasp distributes pressure between tongs for a firm grip

  • Weight to height ratio engineered for stabilized tongs with every twist and turn

  • Grease free plastic tongs and prevent grease, sauce, and juice contamination from various dishes, increasing sanitation at your eatery

  • 100% no chemicals only polystyrene unbreakable affordable quality your competitors will envy  

  • Easily turn and flip food over the stove with no damage to your tongs

  • Stain free feature won’t color your tongs, ultimately increasing utensil quality and increasing their “kitchen life” while doubling up as serving utensils

Manufacturer: Sabert Corporation

Color: Black

Size: 10 in.