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12" Clear Plastic Serving Tongs - 48 per case

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12" Clear Plastic Serving Tongs - 48 per case

Item#: 3312CL


If you don't have a set of kitchen tongs, consider adding this quality pair to your utensil drawer. Use them to take hot blueberry or chocolate chip muffs, cupcakes, or toast from the toaster oven or to lift waffles from the iron. Use them to toss salads, pick up and serve appetizers to rich desserts. Featuring a sleek construction that the 3D team engineered for your benefit, after a few weeks, you'll wonder what you ever did without them.


  • 12 inches for extended reaching room that also keep staff and customer hands away from other foods in a serving container! Increased cleanliness without the cleaning.

  • Increase flavor of food with the Q Grasp that distributes pressure between tongs for a firm grip

  • Natural grease free plastic tongs –prevents grease, sauce, and juice contamination from the continual use of various dishes that are covered in glaze

  • No chemical only polystyrene nearly unbreakable strength that will never bend or crack while customers eat

  • Quickly turn and flip food – with a secured textured grip - over the stove that never damages your utensils

  • Stain free exterior prevents grease from sinking in and dying utensils, even with plastic customers notice.

  • Glass like look that is translucent to fit will with any colored schemed event – plan more with less worry.

  • 48 per case

Manufacturer: Carefree

Color: Clear

Size: 12 in.