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12" White Plastic Tong - 48 per case

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12" White Plastic Tong - 48 per case

Item#: 3312WH


  • Smooth, white finish with a light-reflecting gloss

  • An extended length will keep your chef’s, caterer’s or customer’s hands safely away from the heat while cooking or while’s customer’s self -serve when at a fair, or party event!

  • Reduce messes as these tongs’ Q Grasp distributes pressure between tongs for a firm grip

  • Natural grease free plastic tongs –preventing grease, sauce, and juice contamination to various dishes, increasing sanitation at your eatery

  • 100% polystyrene– unbreakable affordable quality your competitors will envy  

  • Easily turn and flip food over the stove with no damage to your tongs!

  • Stain free feature won’t color your tongs, ultimately increasing utensil quality and increasing their “kitchen life” while doubling up as serving utensils

  • PackNWood is an echo-friendly company, replacing every natural resources they use

Manufacturer: Carefree

Color: White

Size: 12 in.