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Clear Plastic 9" Scalloped Tong - 24 per case

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Clear Plastic 9" Scalloped Tong - 24 per case

Item#: 3311CL


If you hate numb hands after rummaging around in the freezer, then you'll adore these multi-functional tongs. Use them to grasp packages of frozen vegetables or boxes of frozen food and double up functionality by using them at your buffet as serving tongs. With improved grip, salads are easily tossed, and sliced meats to noodles are served with increased sanitation and decreased effort.


  • Don’t worry able employee and staff serving needs and enjoy a customer self -serve tong at any fair or event

  • Easily self-servable tongs increase customer impulse to purchase – and pick – up more food!

  • Q Grasp distributes pressure between tongs for a firm grip

  • Grease resistant –prevents grease, sauce, and juice contamination from various dishes, instantly increasing sanitation with every meal that is picked up

  • A firm grip allows you to flip food with scalloped bowl like graspers

  • Refined polystyrene won’t stain tongs, ultimately increasing utensil quality even during one sit – customer’s notice!

  • These tongs measure 9 inches in length.

  • This item is packed 48 per case.

Manufacturer: Fineline Settings Inc.

Color: Clear

Size: 9 in.