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Clear Plastic Serving Fork - 144 per case

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Clear Plastic Serving Fork - 144 per case

Item#: 101C


Serve guests with quality cutlery with our plastic silverware collection. With a signature look, and multiple benefits, this fork will help make your party an effortless – and affordable hit.


  • Durable polypropylene construction forks will never break or bend during important meals. Increase professionalism instantly. 

  • Ideal for eating chicken, pork, dense fruits, and desserts with chocolate or toppings that previously break with lesser quality utensils

  • Disposability factor eases your mind after a successful party, saving you and or staff labor induced clean up

  • Disposable forks encourage guests to walk around event – instantly increasing your food product visibility and encourage impulse sales of onlookers

  •  Translucent, clear appearance match with your dishes for any venue –takeout, bars, restaurants, events, concession stands, food trucks

  • 144 per case

Manufacturer: Carefree

Color: Clear