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Fineline Black Plastic Serving Spoon - 144 per case

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Fineline Black Plastic Serving Spoon - 144 per case

Item#: 3302BK


These black plastic serving spoons are the ultimate tool for creating the sturdiest way to eat, be it in a small domestic bedroom or a large commercial space. They are also easily installed in tiles, curtains, bed headboards and other materials - all with dramatic results.


Can be installed with bare fiber ends to give a sharper, brighter star or you can use the supplied bullet lenses to diffuse the light and give a larger star effect.


  • Grease resistant barrier prevents grease build up and improves flavor with each bite

  • Texturized  spoon bowl interior – these spoons secure ice creams, pastas, rice, and more better than anyone else

  • Reinforced necking with dense polystyrene prevents breaking – no snapped utensils when presentation matters the most!

  • It’s all in the design – polystyrene construction that holds up never bending to the point of no return

  • This utensil is packed 144 per case.

Manufacturer: Fineline Settings Inc.

Color: Black