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Fineline White Plastic Serving Fork - 144 per case

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Fineline White Plastic Serving Fork - 144 per case

Item#: 3301WH


Prepping food for easy serving or giving it finishing touches, this Fineline white plastic serving fork is a tool that does it all. A handy texturized pronged fork can replace most of your chopping and slicing tasks that knives accomplish - all with just one product! As an added advantage for the health conscious eaters, the product can pierce through delectable amounts of layered cakes, plentiful salads, and more instantly, replacing the need for shelling out money on fine china. With features like a reinforced neck, a stabilized body to evenly distribute pressure when picking up food, and a design engineered for customer approval, these forks are your go to catering product for eating in and take out. This utensil is packed 144 per case.

Manufacturer: Fineline Settings Inc.

Color: White