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Honey Medium Weight PolyPro Plastic Soupspoon - 1000 per case

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Honey Medium Weight PolyPro Plastic Soupspoon - 1000 per case

Item#: SPHSS


With a premier look and feel, Carefree’s sparking honey-hued plastic soupspoons adds a finishing touch to every meal and occasion. This heavy weight polystyrene cutlery delivers durability to handle dense, heaver foods. Ideal for caterers, schools, parties, fairs, or restaurants these shatter resistant polypropylene soupspoons ensure confidence in use as they are anti-crack, break and bend resistant. With a secured neck resistant to weight, and a modern, anchored teardrop handle, it creates a spoon that doesn’t wobble when filled with refreshments like fruit punches, juices, freshly brewed tea to creamy soups filed with mouth-watering chicken and noodles. Also resistant to high temperatures with a grease resistant barrier, these spoons are ideal for very hot soups and won’t get damaged in humid whether at your outdoor parties. With this disposable cutlery it is your best economical alternative to standard flatware that will optimize your customers experience and your sales.


1000 per case

Manufacturer: Carefree

Color: Honey