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Honey Heavy Weight PolyPro Plastic Spoon - 1000 per case

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Honey Heavy Weight PolyPro Plastic Spoon - 1000 per case

Item#: P2TSH


P2TSH, These plastic spoons mimic a faux-silver design of fine china that save you money while never sacrificing quality - upgrade your event, important gala, catering service, restaurant, wedding party, bridal shower or other culinary induced event with these luxurious looking plastic spoons that feature a lifted, fluted handle structure with unmatched durability. A honey color finish creates an upscale event in seconds, while a glossed finish catches light well and impresses customers. A polystyrene plastic construction benefits you and customers as your spoons will never break or crack, eliminating customer complainants and making them more likely to come back and repurchase! With a smooth finish and construction that is contoured your hands every crevasse, it creates limitless comfort so your customers can easily indulge in your delicious creations!


This item is packed 1000 per case.

Manufacturer: Carefree

Color: Honey