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Honey Medium Weight PolyPro Plastic Spoon - 1000 per case

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Honey Medium Weight PolyPro Plastic Spoon - 1000 per case

Item#: SPHTS


SPHTS, Upgrade your business ventures and change any venue into an upscale eating experience with these plastic spoons that will save you money, cleanup time, and make it more convenient for customers to carry around their delicious treats! With polypropylene constructed plastic, these elongated spoons will never bend or break off when eating certain foods, increasing customer satisfaction while ultimately encouraging customers to come back to increase your sales. Now when you serve food, these honey-hued spoons will provide a high-end appearance yet are disposable so guests will feel free to walk around and socialize with friends. This and the popular color helps to increase product visibility as guests walk around, encouraging customers to purchase the dish their friend is eating! These beautifully crafted honey spoons with a medium weight that feature a grease resistant barrier that prevents contamination and messy dinning, will be excellent to optimize sales at your restaurant, deli, café, or coffee shop. 


This item is packed 1000 per case.

Manufacturer: Carefree

Color: Honey