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5 oz. Wavetrends Clear 1-Piece Plastic Champagne Flute - 72 per case

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5 oz. Wavetrends Clear 1-Piece Plastic Champagne Flute - 72 per case

Item#: 1205


Enjoy this elongated 5 oz. plastic champagne flute for your special occasion. This exclusively designed champagne holder will be sure to leave your guests impressed –the curvature adds verve to this bottle and even though plastic, this clear design mimics delicate glass. This flute’s square-dome bottom will prevent tipping and keep your drink in place. Enjoy no awkward spills during important parties and events that would previously make your event look unprofessional. Add a luxury touch to any special occasion with these crystal clarity champagne flutes and make clean up easy when your event is over.


Fineline Settings stemware features an outer barrier that allows your customers to hold their drink without affecting the temperature – making drinks colder. With crack and break-resistant plastics, this flute will be the best way to indulge during the summer and throughout the holidays. Sturdy, Fineline Setting material generates more bubbles in the center of your flute, which is the key to keeping the taste and flavor of your champagne consistent throughout the entire enjoyment of your beverage. This all-in-one item can not only save you money and time, but also increase champagne quality while being great for displaying and serving throughout your most important events.

Manufacturer: Fineline Settings Inc.

Color: Clear