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When a business implements sustainability into the business plan, they are taking responsibility of the environment. At Imperial we provide sustainable product options in all food packaging disposables and janitorial supplies to our customers. Being able to provide sustainable product options is not only great for the environment, but they benefit the communities in which these products are implemented. “Green” technology is a rapidly growing investment in the world of distribution and here at Imperial we recognize and promote all environmental awareness.

At Imperial we take pride in providing the right solutions and products to our customers. When evaluating what the right product or solution is for your business, one of the greatest factors is deciding if eco-friendly sustainable products are beneficial to you and your customers. Here at Imperial we make strong efforts to provide eco-friendly product alternatives across all product lines that we offer. Going “Green” is not just an advanced solution to food packaging disposables and janitorial supplies anymore; it is something that all Market Segments we serve should do.